6601 E. Johnson Ave. Jonesboro, AR (just past the Farville Curve)

Phone: 870-268-0033    

Email: camptownrv@sbcglobal.net

Hours:   Tuesday-Friday - 8:30 till 4:00 

              Saturday- Monday - CLOSED

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Let us help you get on the road.  We offer long term financing at competitive rates.  Terms can go as long as 15 years!  Most loans are based on a simple interest plan, therefore there is no penalty for early payoff.  Long term loans enable you to have a low monthly payment  giving you more money to get rving.

Simple 1, 2, 3, step program to financing.

1. Come in and choose your boat or camper

2. Fill out a short credit application

3. Upon approval you are on your way with your new or used camper.

Currently, rates are as low as 5% with approved credit.